CANZONE 11 [canzoneelf]

The vocal ensemble CANZONE 11 was founded by Tanja Wawra in 2011. Currently, we are about 20 singers from Munich and the surrounding area.

How did CANZONE 11 begin?

Since 2006, Tanja Wawra has been the leader for the Master Course for Choral Music during the annual „Schwäbischer Kunstsommer“ in Kloster Irsee near Kaufbeuren, a summer academy for Fine Arts. Some of the present members of  CANZONE 11 came to know one another in the event. Through an intensive period working with a great community in an inspiring atmosphere came the desire to found a permanent ensemble.

Where did the name CANZONE 11 originate?

Canzone is the italian word for „Song“, „Chant“ and has, since the Renaissance, been the term for polyphonical musical instruments or vocals (lyrics put into music) as the counterpart of the French  „Chanson“. From Petrarca, the central figure of the early italian literature, came the famous „Canzoniere“, a collection of poems in which the pure love to „Laura“ is sung. It has since then inspired composers throughout the centuries, for example Claudio Monteverdi, Franz Schubert, Peter Cornelius, Arnold Schönberg or Lars Johan Werle.

The name CANZONE 11 brings together a reference to the musical tradition of the occident with contemporary music. It also stands for vocal music, which does not necessarily always has to be a cappella.

What do we sing?

We want to excite our audiences with both familiar and unfamiliar choral literature. We don't limit ourselves to any genre or a certain period and are always open to something new.

What is special about us?

Besides the diversity, the intensive artistic examination of music and text at high level is very important to us. However, the joy of singing and the community shall not be neglected. For us, everyone matters, not only as a voice but also as a person. We all share the desire to sing in a small but fine vocal ensemble.

What is waiting for you as our audience?

... a flow of charming, unburdened, and colorful voices and musical homogeneity
... a presentation from singers who love to touch people through music
... natural way of singing and charisma
... our enthusiasm about music which liberates the soul, and the precise symbiosis between word and intonation
... we want to sing directly into the ears and to the hearts of our audience!

CANZONE 11 e.V. (society)

We want to perform demanding choral music at high artistic level. The admission fees itself are not enough to cover the expenses for repertoire material, concerts, rehearsal rooms, etc for these concert programs, as culture should actually stay as it has been, affordable for everyone. Therefore, CANZONE 11 decided to form a registered society (e.V.) and joined the Bayerischer Sängerbund (The Association of Bavarian Singers). The society is self-less and aims to acquire donations to:
  • support elaborate choir concerts and projects by, for example, paying the costs for rehearsal rooms, honorary, notes, printable materials, etc.
  • find a third party to sponsor a certain project or series of concerts
  • support concert tours of the ensemble
  • extend the popularity of CANZONE 11
To be able to achieve this goal, we are requesting your support. Through your financial participation, you are helping us to continue making good music for you and are making a personal contribution to maintain the cultural heritage of choral music.

If you want to support our work, you are welcome to transfer your donation to the following account :

Benevolent  : CANZONE 11 e.V.
IBAN: DE66 7016 9333 0000 8622 66
BIC: GENODEF1EUR (Raiffeisenbank Eurasburg)
Purpose of use : Spende CANZONE 11 e.V.

On behalf of CANZONE 11, we are thankful for your support.

Cordula Safferling
Gabi Weber
Katrin Erdtracht